Watch the Video Recording of our Annual Regional Meeting & Workshop with Deborah Bowes

Annual NCNN Regional Meeting

Sunday, May 31st, 2020 — 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM PDT

In our annual meeting, your representatives will lead an open discussion about our regional budget — events we are hosting for our members, ideas for future events, etc. and you will have a chance to vote on our budget.

Special Workshop with Deborah Bowes, DPT, GCFT

The Northern CA/Northern NV Regional Guild of North America is proud to sponsor this special event with Deborah Bowes. This online event is open to our region only.

Exploring ATM as Self FI with Deborah Bowes, DPT, GCFT
FGNA sponsored Continuing Education for Feldenkrais Practitioners

Watch the recorded session below

Awareness through Movement and Functional Integration are complementary processes. In this class, you will explore ‘tweaking’ an ATM to give yourself the Functional Integration lesson you would like to have. You’ll use your own hands to touch, support, and bring awareness to the jaw, throat and facial expression. It’s like a Feldenkrais facelift! You will gain insight and ideas that you can bring into your practice with your students…whenever we will be able to get back to that! In the meantime, you can care for yourself and then, teach your clients to do the same!

Deborah Bowes, Feldenkrais Trainer, has been teaching in Feldenkrais Trainings for over 28 years and been in private practice over 33 years. She teaches and lectures a lot, in person, and online for Feldenkrais groups and other organizations. Out of a need to reduce the habitual tension in her face and jaw, she has used these processes for her own self-care and wants to share with you so that you can do the same.

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