I have been a Feldenkrais Practitioner since 1991 – beginning in Melbourne, Australia, and now in San Francisco, helping clients and students with a variety of movement challenges and helping them find ways to act in the world that are less painful and more comfortable, efficient, easy and effective.  You can read about what I offer through the Center on the ‘What I offer page’ and more about my Feldenkrais practice below.

I have a PhD in Mind-Body Medicine from Saybrook University.  In that program I studied mindfulness and meditation, psychophysiology, guided imagery and hypnosis, spirituality and health, nutrition, the aging process, healthcare systems, and health and wellness coaching. Over a number of years, I have also studied and practiced mindfulness meditation, Yoga Nidra, and the Sounder Sleep System® – all of which promote self-help for insomnia and stress.

Since 2014 I have taught Mind-Body Skills groups at the Osher Center at UCSF and at the Feldenkrais Center, having completed training through at the Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington, DC. Currently, I also work part-time as a faculty member at Saybrook University College of Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences, and an adjunct lecturer at San Francisco State University teaching Somatics.

I am also a life and health and wellness coach, having completed coaching certificates at Saybrook University and with San Francisco State University College of Extended Learning. I am a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBCHWC).

For much of my working life, I have been a teacher, facilitator, and leader - in a variety of positions and working as a volunteer - in the arts, education and training, and the Feldenkrais professional community.  I am currently Editor of the Feldenkrais Research Journal.

I draw on all my experience and training in working with people on their development and learning needs in my teaching of Feldenkrais, mind-body skills and coaching work. I enjoy having many ways of working with people to help them enhance well-being.

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